The owners of small-displacement motorcycles and mopeds are the representative users of the BASIC series chains. The dimensions and version of the Basic chains exactly comply with the nature of operation and lower performance transferred in the small-displacement motorcycles and mopeds. The exception is 415 HT that resists to higher load under racing conditions as well.


ChainPitch (mm)Inner width (mm)Roller diameter (mm)Pin length (mm)Plate thickness inner/outer (mm)Middle static strenght (N)Weight of 100 links (kg)Connecting linkPlates colour outer-inner
415 HT12.74.887.7513.41.5/1.5191000.71CLIPgold-blue
415 S12.74.887.75131.4/1.4163000.61CLIPblue-grey
420 S12.76.357.7515.21.5/1.5190000.73CLIPblue-grey
428 S12.77.758.5116.41.6/1.4192000.89CLIPblue-blue

Properties of each chain type of BASIC series

415 S: The dimensions of the chain are suitable for the low power small motorcycles and mopeds. Despite that the 415 S chain has the best static strength in its class.

415 HT: The basic dimensions of the chain are identical to the 415 S type but the design solution of the plates and other components permitted us to improve the final utility properties. Improved static strength and resistance to wear permits use of the 415 HT chain for racing as well.

086: Traditional and proven chain type for older types of small motorcycles.

420 S: Řetěz pro většinu moderních malých motocyklů. Vyznačuje se vysokou statickou pevností a slušnou životností, díky čemuž je mezi uživateli oblíbený.

428 S: The most commonly used chain type for the motorcycles of any generation. The technical parameters permit use of the chain on a wide range of motorcycle types with the engine performance under about 20kW.

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