ČZ Řetězy as one of a few manufacturers offer the world class products used also in the karting sector. The specific branch of the karts requires the chains having high resistance against wear, mechanical stress, and high revolutions.

The special chain 219 has been developed for the karts and the chain is similar in design with the MX chains from the MOTOCROSS/SUPERMOTO series – the alpha and omega here is the transmission of maximum possible performance while caring less to lifecycle of the chain transmission. The 219 chains are manufactured in racing versions only. For endurance kart races is used the 219 OR chain sealed with O-rings.


ChainPitch (mm)Inner width (mm)Roller diameter (mm)Pin length (mm)Plate thickness inner/outer (mm)Middle static strenght (N)Weight of 100 links (kg)Connecting linkType of sealing ringPlates colour outer-inner
219 OR7.7744.64.5913.151.4/1.39500gold-blue

Properties of the chain types from the KART CHAINS series

219: High quality chain for versatile use in the karts with engines up to 100ccm.

219 OR: The 219 chain in OR version is sealed with O-ring in order to use the chain without further lubrication on the karts for enduro races.

428: The use of this chain type is recommended for the karts with higher engine volumes and transmission gear