This is the only motorcycle field where unsealed chains are mainly used. In racing, the chain durability is not alpha and omega because these sports prefer the lowest engine performance loss as possible, and static and dynamic strength of the chain.

Also in this category the user may opt for the economic and racing design of the chain, while the latter is being identified as MX. All categories of the motorcycles for Motocross/Supermoto and ATV may use the sealed chains of some type from the ENDURO/ADVENTURE chains as well. The selection of the sealed chain will extend lifecycle of the chain but at the expenses of slight performance loss (about 0.2kW).


ChainPitch (mm)Inner width (mm)Roller diameter (mm)Pin length (mm)Plate thickness inner/outer (mm)Middle static strenght (N)Weight of 100 links (kg)Connecting linkPlates colour outer-inner
420 MX12.76.357.7516.61.8/1.8220000.89CLIPgold-black
428 MX12.77.758.5117.81.8/1.6230001.05CLIPgold-black
520 EC15.8756.3510.1618.52.2/2.2380001.62CLIPyellow-black
520 M15.8756.3510.1618.12.2/2350001.51CLIPblue-yellow
520 MX15.8756.3510.1618.12.2/2358001.51CLIPgold-black

Properties of each chain type of MOTOCROSS/SUPERMOTO series

420 MX: The 420 chain in racing design for motocross bikes with CRK layer on pins for long durability. Not suitable for road use.

428 MX: Racing version of the 428 chain with CRK layer on the pins. Operate safely and reliably also under the hardest motocross racing conditions. Not suitable for road use and use in karts.

520 M: The eco version of the chain for universal use. It can operate in motocross, enduro, speedway racing, and even on less performing quad-bikes.

520 MX: The racing atmosphere is ideal for this chain, and its technical structure with the CRK layer on the pins resists to extreme loads as well. Motocross world champions ride this chain. Not suitable for road use.

520 EC: Reinforced version of the 520 MX type with a broader spectrum of use on the most powerful machines. It has slightly higher weight when compared to the 520 MX type chain. Not suitable for road use.

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